Big Canoe Chapel Challenged by the Pandemic
A Story of Resourcefulness

It was a late Thursday afternoon in March. The constant news cycle gave the alarming news of the growing threat of the virus.  The pastor and others of Big Canoe Chapel were gathered, wondering what lay ahead for Chapel worship and activities.  To everyone’s dismay, the conclusion was quickly reached that “We’re going to have to suspend in-person activities at the Chapel!”  After discussion, the pastor asked, “can you put a worship service on TV (online)?”  The quick response by the tech guy was something like….”Sure, but we’ll need time and help!”  That conversation began a fascinating period of exploration and learning in the life of Big Canoe Chapel.

The following day, the pastor began what became the first of many “Len’s daily message and prayer” videos.

And nine days later, the first Online Worship Service was “on the air”, the first of almost a year which continues today.

Along the way, many technical issues were encountered and addressed with enthusiasm and creativity. There were long days and nights, sometimes as late as Saturday night before airing on Sunday morning.  New video equipment and editing capabilities were added to compliment the worship experience and provide a feeling or normality.  Soon, the process became more familiar to everyone as mini-movies, music videos, and choir recordings were added to the worship service

To say it has been an unusual year is an understatement.  The pandemic has caused us to worship in different ways, but it has not stopped us.  We have worshiped at the Terraces and online.  We have had and continue to have a regular, weekly opportunity to worship our God either in-person or on-line.  And now we are back in the Chapel observing CDC guidelines with new capabilities to Live Stream services at

Our tech folks have done a super job!  They just say, “What we do is our way of worshiping”.  We are very grateful to you all for enabling worship for us all during these difficult times.

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