A few tips to make your Clubhouse experience great

The Clubhouse is the social hub of Big Canoe. In order to ensure that every guest there has the best experience there possible, we recommended the following:

We do our best to accommodate walk-ins based on availability. Dining reservations are recommended but not required. Make a reservation at 706-268-1253 or use the OpenTable app that appears when you log on to the Big Canoe POA website.
We do our best to accommodate but cannot always guarantee specific seating requests.
The size of a party cannot exceed 15 guests. If we cannot accommodate a party of that size with a single table, multiple tables might be assigned.
If you anticipate that your party will include 15 or more, you are more than welcome to contact our catering department at kstellmaker@bigcanoepoa.org or 706-268-3964 to make advance arrangements.
Any party with 8 or more guests will have a 20 percent gratuity included in the final bill.

If you have any questions about Clubhouse policy, write to askthepoa@bigcanoepoa.org.

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