BCWGA Announces 2023 Calendar of Events

The BCWGA is excited to announce the upcoming Play Days and events for 2023. As the official 2023 season begins, please consider joining one of the “funnest” ladies golf groups at Big Canoe. We welcome new members all year long to come out and play with us, so hurry and join our group this month so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

In addition to our regular play days and events, the BCWGA has added a new offering for 2023 – Wednesday afternoon Social Play; per month which will alternate between a scramble and playing your own ball. The Wednesday play will provide an opportunity for members to gather on the Veranda following golf to socialize, share a beverage (or dinner) and have “fun”; The Social Committee will also be scheduling a couple of organized Nine/Wine/Dines on Wednesdays and another local Play Away Day as well as an Overnight Stay event.

Mark your calendars with the following official calendar of events for the 2023 season:

March 6 – Potluck Social (BCWGA 1st Birthday Party at the Beach Club)
March 14 – Pre-Season Get-Together (BCWGA & Learning Ladies Introduction with Joan Delk at the Beach Club)
April 2 – Opening Day Pairings at the Lodge
April 3 – Opening Day & General Membership Meeting (Special salute to Cheryl Jones)
April 10 – Play Day #1
April 17 – Play Day #2
April 24 – Play Day #3
April 26 – Afternoon Social Play Day/Scramble
May 1 – Play Day #4
May 8 – Sadie Hawkins Tournament
May 15 – Ringer Tournament – Week 1
May 22 – Ringer Tournament – Week 2
May 24- Afternoon Social Play/Own Ball
May 25 – Play Away #1 at Crystal Falls
May 31 – Mystery Tournament
June 5 – Play Day #5
June 12 – Play Day #6
June 19 – Play Day #7
June 26 – Play Day #8
June 28 – Scramble with Bent Tree
July 3 – Play Day #9
July 10 – Play Day #10
July 17 – Play Day #11
July 24 – Aces & Graces Scramble
July 26 – Afternoon Social Play/Scramble
July 31- Play Day #12
August 1 – Scramble #1 with Learning Ladies
August 7 – Play Day #13
August 14 – Play Day #14
August 21 – Play Day #15
August 23 – Afternoon Social Play/Own Ball
August 28 – Play Day #16
September 11 – Play Day #17
September 12 – Scramble #2 Learning Ladies
September 13 – BCWGA Championship
September 25 – Play Day #18
September 27 – Afternoon Social Play/Scramble
October 2 – Play Day #19
October 9 – Play Day #20
October 16 – Play Day #21
October 18 – Charity Event Benefitting Habitat for Humanity
October 23 – Play Day #22
October 25 – Afternoon Social Play/Own Ball
October 30 – Closing Day & General Membership Meeting
The BCWGA looks forward to another exciting new year of golf while socializing with old and new friends in our
outstanding Big Canoe community.

The BCWGA is a golfing organization with a 40+ year history. The group is open to any woman, aged 21 and over, who is either a property owner or a golf amenity member in good standing at Big Canoe. Members are afforded the opportunity to play nine or eighteen holes of golf in a relaxed atmosphere while having fun and simultaneously working to improve their skill set and handicap. The establishment of a USGA handicap is required of all members.

Activities and events are designed to promote a better understanding of the rules of golf and to improve the pace of play. Members work together to boost confidence on the course and encourage socialization with other women of similar skills. Integrity, respect for each other as well as the game of golf, and a firm sense of fellowship are key principles of the BCWGA.

We would also like to invite anyone interested in taking advantage of the best value to learn how to play golf at Big Canoe by signing up for Learning Ladies lessons with Joan Delk, one of Big Canoe’s professional golf instructors. Ladies of all levels of play are welcome to share the spirit and warmth that exemplifies BCWGA – “Ladies who just want to have fun playing golf.” For up-to-date information, please visit our website regularly, https://bcgc-bcwga.golfgenius.com.

New members are always welcome, no matter their skill level. The contacts for the group are Carolyn Witt
(carolyn.witt.cw@gmail.com), BCWGA President; Elise McBryde (elisemcbryde@gmail.com), BCWGA Vice
President; and Christine Flaherty (christine.flaherty21@gmail.com), BCWGA Treasurer.

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