Big Canoe weather update Friday, Jan. 14

The National Weather Service is forecasting heavy mixed precipitation starting Saturday evening with a total accumulation of 2 to 3 inches of snow with amounts up to 5 inches at elevations above 2,000 feet into Sunday. Ice accumulations and wind gusts as high as 35 m.p.h. are possible, which will make Big Canoe’s winding, steep roads impassable.

The POA strongly urges everyone to stay home and off the road starting Saturday evening and to plan on remaining at home at least on Sunday and Monday, and possibly Tuesday, depending on the weather conditions and your elevation.

Every single Big Canoe road is being brined today in advance of the storm.

Please take advantage of the advance notice to follow the advice of Fire Chief Ricky Jordan, who recommends that all Property Owners stock their homes with enough food, water and prescription medicines to last for at least several days. Firewood, extra clothes, blankets, flashlights with fresh batteries and candles are good to have on hand in case of power outages and propane shortages. And keep up with the latest weather developments on the National Weather Service website.

As a result of the weather, all amenities will be closed on Sunday.

As always, call 911 in case of emergency.

Utilities Inc. of Georgia, the water utility that services Big Canoe and is not operated by the POA, is recommending that “Big Canoe residents should be prepared for potential water outages, especially those who live in the higher elevations. A supply of bottled water is recommended, and it is also a good idea to capture water in a bathtub or other large container when possible.” UIG, which suggests preparing as far in advance as possible, will communicate information on any pending outage.

If you have any UIG or water-related questions, call 706-268-3400 or email

Through the weekend, the POA will continue to provide weather updates via email and through the Big Canoe Events and Happenings Facebook page.

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