Big changes coming to Bulk Trash Day

Information submitted by Gretchen Hudock

Have you been stockpiling stuff to toss in the special dumpsters at the April 24 Bulk Trash Day? That’s the next Saturday large items can be collected for disposal between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

There are some changes coming to this day of disposal. You can find out about them by watching for POA weekly e-blasts. Stay informed.

We can tell you paper shredding will be available on April 24, but thrift stores will no longer be there to collect useable items to sell in their stores. They can no longer handle the large quantity of donations generous Big Canoe residents offer.

But, the Community Thrift Store in Jasper, phone (706) 253-7770, and Ric Rack Thrift Store in Dawsonville, phone (706) 265-1371, would love your donations to support their charitable effort. Give either store a call to find out how you can donate items.

Bulk Trash Day is a helpful way for residents to get rid of unwanted items, broken or not. The trash facility at the North Gate is not the place to dump household items like rugs, chairs and appliances.

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