Bulk Trash Day has a new location

Information submitted by Gretchen Hudock

Move ‘em in, move ‘em out! You won’t have to cross the road to deposit stuff destined for Bulk Trash Day any longer. Now the day of dumping has moved to the Public Works maintenance yard, directly behind the Big Canoe trash facility at the North Gate.

Saturday, April 24 is the red-letter day to discard all you discovered you didn’t need or want while spring cleaning, except for paint cans (unless totally dried out), tires, fluorescent light bulbs or hazardous chemicals.

The hours for drop-off are 10 am until 2 pm. There is a charge for dropping off items: $5 for cars, $7 for SUVs and $10 for trucks. You are required to show your Big Canoe ID for entrance.

However, as always, garbage, recyclables and cardboard can be thrown down the usual chutes for free.

Document shredding will be offered, but there won’t be thrift stores on-site to collect usable items.

Check out full details in the Inside the Gates section of the May Smoke Signals. That will tell you how Bulk Trash Days will be run every few months.

Hey, Big Canoers – slam dunk the junk!

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