Catching up with Big Canoe’s past

Information submitted by Jan Murphy

When you see something around these parts that looks old and a bit out of place, do you wonder what it might be?

Wonder no longer. Many places and things in our community are parts of Big Canoe’s history, and some are downright wild and crazy!

Using her interest in all things connected to the past, Jan Murphy decided to explore happenings, events and people who helped create what Big Canoe is today. Jan started a Facebook page, Big Canoe Historical Society, to chronicle our mountain saga, and possibly show paths to our future. It’s a private Facebook group so you’ll have to join, but in the Society’s posts you’ll read all about the weaving of our past.

Jan is writing a series of articles in Smoke Signals touching on our colorful history. In her articles you’ll discover things you never knew about the place you call home. Jan’s articles are fun and interesting reads and make a fascinating start to social small talk.

Big Canoe is celebrating its Golden Anniversary next year and there will be all kinds of events and activities to commemorate the occasion. Get a head start by learning about our origins so it’s easy to piece things together.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know. A sea monster was once “supposedly observed” lurking in the grottos of Lake Petit. Astounding!

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