Climb aboard the Sweet Train to bake cookies for caregivers

Information submitted by Karen Steinberg

How many chocolate chips are in a three-inch chocolate chip cookie? Too hard! Try this. How many employees work in Big Canoe? If you guessed 187, ding, ding, ding, you’re the winner! All 187 hard-working folks got a surprise with their February paycheck. Three cookies all wrapped and pretty, just as a thank you.

A new group recently organized in Big Canoe to celebrate the hardworking caregivers who kept us rolling and safe over the past year. The ladies (gents are welcome too) call themselves Cookies for Caregivers and turned on the oven heat and baked 561 tasty morsels for our team of stars.

Heather Stancil wears the hat as head baker because she organized the troops for this caring cause.

Once the cookies were delivered to the Playfield as ordered, Heather took off with probably 193,459 calories loaded in her car, then carted them into her house and packaged and labeled them, all by herself. Cookies were organized by departments and Heather delivered the stash to Canoe Lodge in care of Adriana Nogareda, POA Human Resources Manager, for safekeeping.

Picking up your paycheck is always sweet, but add a cache of cookies and it’s even sweeter.

The cookie parade won’t stop with this pass-out. Plans are in the works to give cookies to those who have been so helpful this past year. We love them for making our lives much easier.

Heather is looking for a co-chair to help with this giving project. She’s also looking for bakers for the next batches. If you’d like to hop on board the Sweet Train, visit Big Canoe Cookies for Caregivers Facebook page and punch your ticket.

What a wonderful way to show you care! Thank you, Heather, for a job very well done.

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