Don’t be flu virus bait, especially this year

Join the arm(ed) forces this fall and get shot! 

Just as sure as pumpkins and scarecrows show up every fall, flu shots will be offered by the POA to Big Canoe residents. As in the past, shots will be administered by Jasper Drugs.

It’s especially important to get a shot this year as the “normal flu” may piggyback on COVID 19 making both illnesses more difficult to treat. This would certainly be a genuine double-whammy. Think of a flu shot as installing virus protection software in your body.

With dates yet to be announced, this year flu shots will be given under a tent as a drive-by experience. Just stick your arm out the window and get pricked, easy as that.

Medicare typically covers the inoculation as do some other insurances. Details about what is offered and payment options will be coming soon.

The POA is looking out for you to stay safe and healthy! Remember, the flu ends with “U.”

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