Due on Aug. 26: Home-Stretch Tips on Renew Big Canoe Voting

By now, most Property Owners have reported receiving their Renew Big Canoe Ballots either here in Big Canoe or at their alternate address. To those who have already sent in their signed document, we thank you.

For those who have yet to complete and sign their ballots, they must be received by the accounting firm Mauldin & Jenkins no later than Saturday, Aug. 26. Please use the envelope included in your ballot packet and allow up to 10 days for delivery.

If you still have not received your ballot, require a replacement ballot, or if you have questions about the election process, write to askthepoa@bigcanoepoa.org.

Ballots can also be completed, signed, scanned and then sent via email to nrankenburg@mjcpa.com or FAX  to 770-980-4489 up until Aug. 26. This is not an electronic ballot. Like the mailed-in ballot, your emailed or FAXed ballot must be signed and completed to be valid.

Regardless of whether sent by mail, FAX or email, all ballots must

Show only one valid POA Lot (Account) Number
Be signed by any Owner on the Deed
Be completed in a manner such that entries are legible

The results of the Renew Big Canoe election will be announced the week of Aug. 27.

If you want to learn more about Renew Big Canoe, go to renewbigcanoe.org for Frequently Asked Questions, floorplans and renderings, videos with Property Owner Q&As, and more.