Fire up with a wood blasted taco, heard of it?

Back when the Wild West was young, a favorite gathering place for young and old alike was the old chuck wagon. Not only did those cowboy chefs know how to bake beans and ladle out hot corn chowder, but the wagon was a place to socialize and share the day’s adventures. 

With COVID-19 breathing down our necks, socializing can be a hassle these days. To make it easier, food and chatter, even while social distancing, has been brought to you by the POA in the form of modern-day chuck wagons – food trucks!

Folks tingled their taste buds when Dominic’s Wood Fired Tacos paid a visit to Big Canoe. Have you ever seen a taco fired up in flames? Along with tacos came rib eyes and salmon. What an aroma! Fortunately, bears stayed away.

To add a crunchy munchy to the meal, Mercier Orchards was there with apples, cider, and jars of autumn’s best. Watch for eblasts announcing Big Canoe’s next modern-day chuck wagon. Something is planned for every taste.

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