Four POA employees receive STAR Awards for stepping up and responding heroically

By Colin Bergen

July was a STAR-studded month for our employees. Four staff members received the STAR Award not just for their exceptional customer service in supporting one of the biggest annual events in Big Canoe but for coming through when a co-worker was in need of emergency medical care.

Steven Smith, a groundskeeper, was awarded the STAR award for something truly heroic: he sprang into action when fellow groundskeeper Noah Hansard, who is highly allergic to bees, accidentally hit a yellow jacket nest while weeding. Noah was stung more than eight times. Steven rushed Noah to get treated with an EpiPen before he was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

“Steven’s quick thinking helped get Noah the help he needed before it got bad,” says Joey Ray, an assistant golf course superintendent. “We believe Steven is very deserving of the award for his actions today.”

Three other STAR Awards were earned by staffers as the result of how they dutifully stepped up over the Fourth of July weekend, which was a massive undertaking for our staff. Every employee worked hard to make it as fun as possible for attendees, but three Public Works staffers really shined: Andre Seniuk, David Kendrick, and Bryce Skillington. All three “did an excellent job and had excellent attitudes,” says Lois Koepke, the Community Events Manager. “The event could not have happened” without their help, added Public Works Manager Jacob VanSant.

Thank you and congratulations to these inspiring staff members!

The STAR, an acronym for Service, Teamwork, Attention to Detail, and Results, recognizes the “various skills that provide for excellent customer service and value to the Property Owners.” Property Owners, along with POA team members and department heads, each month can nominate our POA staff for their outstanding performance. To nominate a worthy employee, go here.

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