Gal pals are celebrated at AWOL Valentine gathering

Information submitted by Karen Steinberg

There’s nothing better than a friend. Well, maybe a friend with chocolate.

Who knows, you might find both at the Awesome Ladies on the Lake (AWOL) Valentine gathering on Monday, February 1 at 5:00 p.m. at the Beach Club, formerly known as the Swim Club. Masks and social distancing will be observed.

No, AWOL is not meeting outside, we’ll be in the large, well-ventilated room above the pool area. Since many in the group have had the first dose of vaccine, and some the second, leader of the pack Karen Steinberg decided a gathering was good to go. 

Because Heart Day is creeping close, the February 1 gathering will celebrate valentine friendship with gal pals. To add to the fun, celebrants are invited to bring along a “Love Me Not” item to trade. Nothing fancy or necessarily store-bought, think attic finds. Laughs are sure to follow as “gifts” are exposed.

AWOL is a casual group with the sole purpose of having fun and getting to meet other women in our community. There are no rules or agenda, just good times enjoying each other. Bring a beverage of your choice to sip as stories and adventures are shared. 

Check the AWOL Facebook page for details or contact Karen at to join the AWOL email roster.

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