Got something to sell? Looking for something to buy?

By Alice Eachus

Looking for a wild and crazy hat to wear on the Fourth of July? Or maybe you’re searching for an antique clock, pair of lederhosen, dinner dishes for eight or maybe
a trunk of toddler toys.
Strange and wonderful things can be found on the Big Canoe Residents’ Online Exchange Facebook page. The motto of this page is “Natural Beauty: Priceless,
Everything Else for Sale.”
Note the word “Residents’.” All items for sale or to buy are in Big Canoe so they’re easy to pick up right inside our gates. It’s a private site so you’ll have to
request to be a member. That keeps the exchange strictly for those living in our community. At last count, 2,300 Big Canoers were buying and selling like crazy.
Get in on the action and find bargains galore!
Items are well priced; some are offered for free. Porch pick-up is popular and meeting in community parking lots is common.
Check it out. Since charities are no longer collecting usable items on Bulk Trash Day, using the Exchange is a great way to offer your treasures for someone else to
Why not make a few bucks while de-cluttering your manse? That’ll at least get you a big fat ‘burger or mile high ice cream sundae for sure. If you’ve got something
really hot to sell, you might make enough for a trip to see your grands.

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