Hikers wander where the wifi is weak

Photos by Steve Papke

It’s been plenty warm these summer days, which is why Big Canoe hikers always carry water as they march along some of the prettiest trails in Georgia. Nobody is surprised on these well-planned hikes because there’s often an experienced tribe of trekkers who explore new trails and report on the difficulty and quirks of the terrain before heading out as a group. If a trail is too tough and challenging, there’s always the next month’s hike to enjoy. Hikes cover all levels of endurance.

Recently the club hiked Red Top Mountain, a place with striking views and heavy shade to keep bodies cool. The fall season is most splendid with colors only Mother Nature can flaunt. When temperatures drop and leaves boast their finest blazes, it’s the perfect time to enjoy our mountains.

If you’re interested in joining the Big Canoe Hiking Club, contact Laura Smith at lauramcsmith@gmail.com to learn more. As one unsung hiker once mused, “Hiking is the answer, who cares what the question is?”

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