How to Ensure Your Renew Big Canoe Vote Counts

The ballots for the Renew Big Canoe initiative have been mailed. Property Owners within Big Canoe should have already received them. For those living outside of Big Canoe, please allow time for the U.S. Postal Service to deliver the packet.

The most important information to remember regarding the vote is that completed and signed ballots must be received by the accounting firm of Mauldin & Jenkins by Saturday, Aug. 26. Please complete your ballot in time to make this delivery – typically seven to 10 business days.

In order to be valid, ballots must:

Indicate the valid POA Lot (Account) Number for each ballot
Be signed by an Owner of the Lot
Be completed in a manner such that entries are legible
Meet Quorum Requirements of the By-Laws
Mail your completed and signed ballot using the pre-addressed envelope included in the packet. The postage is pre-paid, so no stamp is required.
Ballots can also be mailed in your own envelope to

Mauldin & Jenkins

200 Galleria Pkwy SE, STE 1700

Atlanta, GA 30339-9545

Ballots can also be emailed or FAXed to Mauldin & Jenkins at (770) 980-4489

If you have any questions about your ballot or have not received one, write to