iDiots unite to learn about iPhones

Information submitted by Gary Cherry

Devon Collins and Gary Cherry, helped by Mimi Zentgraf, are holding two June sessions for iDiot club members. This is a club for iPhone users to provide information and share secrets of
iPhone use. You’ll be amazed at what your Apple phone can do!
On June 11, iDiots will cover a myriad of topics, a number of which are related to the latest OS changes. Topics such as Security, Usage, Apple Wallet, Messaging, Widgets, App Library and
more will be discussed.
Plans are to have the usual “New Users” and “Seasoned Users” sessions; the first at 10 am and the second at 1 pm. Sessions are held at the Big Canoe Chapel.
If you plan to attend, please let us know as it helps to set up the room properly. Contact Gary at or Devon Collins at to sign up.
Remember, when you want to know something about your iPhone, Google and YouTube are your friends.

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