Is it soup yet?

Our little bistro behind the golf cart barn is gearing up for the blast of winter winds lurking behind the mountains. When the first crisp morning made its presence known, the Duffer’s staff started thinking about simmering soups on the back burners that would welcome the change of seasons.

You’ll find a good variety of soups at Duffer’s to warm and cheer you as days grow nippy. In years past, the hearty vegetable soup was a favorite, along with chicken noodle, tomato bisque, beef and barley, and more like grandma used to make. There’s always chili too.

Enjoy your bowl of chowder on the nearby stone patio or take a big carton home to ladle out before a blazing fire. Either way, your tummy is in for a real treat. If a sandwich would round out your meal, there are plenty of those at Duffers too. Hot sandwiches or cold, there’s bound to be one with your name on it.

Ring Duffer’s at (706) 268-3273 to find out what’s on the menu board or to order a to-go sack of goodness.  This winter gives old Jack Frost the boot with a rich bowl of warmth cradled in your hands. The guy won’t know what hit him!

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