Lamb on the lam

By Alice Eachus

Every family has one, but probably not as cute as the black sheep that claimed Big Canoe as its temporary home.

Sure we have bears, deer, raccoons, possums, squirrels, wild boars, snakes and even a crazy rooster at times, but rarely does a black sheep stroll down our roadways.

But that was the case on April 29 when the cutie was spotted wandering around. Since then countless Big Canoers have been trying to capture the fluff of wool to keep it safe from cars and predators. What does a lamb know about dodging traffic or a bear’s menacing claws?

Nobody is quite sure where the lamb came from, possibly a nearby farm. The call is out to find its owner, but no takers yet.

If you happen to glimpse the elusive lamb on the lam, give Public Safety at ring at (706) 268-1792 and be a hero.

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