Let GriefShare ease your burdens after suffering loss

Sometimes when grieving, a person needs someone to talk with. During this time of COVID isolation, grief is particularly hard to bear, especially if alone. It’s comforting to know others feel as you do.

The Big Canoe Chapel sponsors GriefShare on Monday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. in the Broyles Center. Social distancing allows 10 to attend each session. Sessions run for 13 weeks; the current program started in August and runs until just before Thanksgiving. Hopefully, the comfort found in GriefShare will make the upcoming holidays easier to face.

There’s no charge to attend and folks can join at any time for as many sessions as they’d like. If sharing feelings is difficult for you, simply come and listen. There’s comfort in knowing others sense how you feel.

The GriefShare design is a faith-based program that uses video seminars which address the emotional, spiritual and practical needs of grieving individuals. A workbook is also included that allows personal application, journaling, and reflection. Group discussion allows individuals to relate concepts to their own experiences. GriefShare is a support group designed to help you rebuild your life after losing a loved one.

Even after the Chapel sessions end, participants connect with each other to offer support. For information and to find out how GriefShare can help you, contact Debbie Grimes at dmgrimes@windstream.net.

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