Let the leaves blow, we’re ready!

By Lydell Mack

It’s October and that brings beautiful autumn days to Big Canoe! Since this month always seems to be a weather rollercoaster and a great time of year for turf pests, there is never a shortage of challenges in the Golf Maintenance Department. 

A few reminders for the fall season. We have already begun experiencing leaf drop and it will only get worse over the next few weeks. Please be patient with the maintenance team as we try to keep the courses as clean as we can with tractor blowers.  

We always try to keep noise to a minimum for golfers throughout the day, but during leaf season we must run those big blowers, sometimes all day long just to keep up.  

Secondly, it’s not uncommon for us to experience frost by the end of the month, so be mindful of the fact there may be delays to the start of play to allow any frost to melt off. If downward pressure is applied to frosty turf, the leaf tissues can rupture and die, hence we have to stay off it.  

Lastly, this month is a crucial time for us to control pests that are feeding on roots and leaf blades before winter so you may see a sprayer or two out on the courses. We also apply pre-emergent herbicides now to prevent a flush of winter weeds in November, December and January which helps provide better playing conditions for the coming spring.

And last, but not least, I’d like to thank our course marshals who have so graciously participated in divot filling again this year. The smooth fairways are a direct result of their diligence in filling divots missed by golfers. Without their massive volunteer effort, the department couldn’t keep up to the task at hand. Thank a marshal the next time you play!

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