Life’s too short to drink bad wine

By Alice Eachus

Need to carry a brown paper bag with your favorite fruit of the vine secreted inside. Yes, you can bring your own personal bottle of wine, or two, to enjoy at the clubhouse, but it must be a wine that is not available on the published clubhouse wine menu.
You can view this list on the POA website,, under the Dining tab.
There is a $10 corkage fee for each bottle opened; for example, two bottles of personal wine opened would have a fee of $20.
There’s no charge for the wine glass/glasses or the number of guests drinking from that bottle.
Jonathan Prince, Food and Beverage Supervisor, recently updated the clubhouse wine list to offer new and interesting vintages that found a welcoming home in our fine wine room. Many will be seasonal wines as the list will be updated every three to four months.
As the days warm, enjoy sitting on the Veranda with a glass of your favorite wine in hand. What a beautiful way to spend an evening!

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