Live. Love. Laugh. Eat. your way to a better body

By Alice Eachus

Okay, it’s been three months since Baby 2021 made an appearance on New Year’s Eve.

The usual pack of resolutions was hard to make as the world was consumed by COVID 19, but when your refrigerator sighed and demanded upon opening, “Well, what do you want now?” the old familiar “I will lose weight in the coming year” promise rang out across the USA.

Sherry Evans and Gretchen Hudock are giving Big Canoe ladies a nudge in the “less of me” direction with a promising Facebook page christened Live. Love. Laugh. Eat. with the added word “Healthy” tacked on.

According to its mission, the group is for women who are interested in getting together to chat about challenges with weight and habits. The goal is to provide support and a safe environment for each other to discuss roadblocks to a healthier lifestyle – while inspiring each other to do better and at the same time enjoy life and plenty of laughs.

Sounds like something you might find interesting? Two hundred Big Canoe women sure did and signed on to devour the Facebook posts packed with healthy hints and delicious recipes.

Check it out and hop on the bandwagon for better health. It’s a private group so you’ll have to request to join but that’s easy peasey.

Don’t be one of those ladies who claim they’re on a seafood diet…they see food and they eat it!

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