Look for fairies when walking our trails

By Alice Eachus
Photo by Anja Freiheit

When next hiking the Red Loop Trail, look down and you might catch a glimpse of a fairy or two. Fairy houses can be found on this trail and are a delight to discover.

All are made of natural materials like leaves, twigs, acorns, bark and whatever else is close to the “construction site.” Houses are built in accommodating trees, often with a break in the trunk.

Don’t disturb the fairies! Who knows, the delightful mystical creatures might turn into trolls!

What an exciting adventure for kids and grandkids to experience when out exploring the woods. Why not build your own fairy home, or even a village? It’s a great way to bring botany up close and personal.

Thank you, fairy housebuilder, whomever you might be. You’ve brought a touch of whimsy to our walk in the woods and a smile to all who find your art.

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