‘Maybe being 70 isn’t so bad after all’

By Alice Eachus

It’s quite a feat, even for a pair of willing mountain feet, but she did it! And, this spunky lady is 70 years young!

Karen Steinberg had a goal. She plotted and planned to hike the 32 peaks in Georgia that tower 4000+ feet. Few women accomplish this march, but our gal Karen did. The prestigious 4000’ Peak Challenge of the Georgia Appalachian Trail Conservancy (GATC) called her to action and she gave it a resounding, “You betcha!”

There are rules and guidelines to follow as established by the GATC. They’re tough ones too! All 32 peaks must be hiked and documented. Karen completed all 32 in a year’s time. Wow!

Now her name will be added to the impressive list of hikers who accepted the challenge and conquered.

We’re so proud of our dedicated hiker; way to go, Karen! The big question is, how many hiking boots bit the dust during her year of mountain wanders?

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