Meet Stacy Anthony, Our New Membership Director

The POA is excited to announce the arrival of Stacy Anthony, our new Membership Director.

If you have questions about your amenity membership, need a new ID card, or just want to meet this essential new POA team member, drop by Stacy’s office in the Canoe Lodge or say hello to her at an upcoming event. Expect to be seeing a lot of her around Big Canoe in the coming weeks.

Stacy’s professional history includes her work as a sales and marketing professional with 20 years of experience in Senior Living. She successfully led the sales efforts for a startup Life Plan community in 2003 with continued success during the recession of 2008 and the recent pandemic. One of her most valued accomplishments is the development of complimentary technology classes for students, which helped them optimize their mobile devices to connect with their children, grandchildren and peers.

In her spare time, Stacy enjoys rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, and growing fruits, flowers and vegetables. Her newest thrill trail riding on her Kawasaki dirt bike.

Stacy’s passions for serving, educating and building meaningful relationships brought her to the Big Canoe, where she is eager to meet each Property Owner and help them make the Canoe Life their best life!

If you have any questions for Stacy, she can be reached at or 706-268-1092.




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