More than just a golf tournament

By Dick Girdler and Win Cates
Photos by Tom Crawford

The Big Canoe Chapel Men’s Fellowship held its 14th Annual Golf Tournament on September 30, with 84 players participating. According to Dick Girdler who coordinated the tournament on behalf of the Men’s Fellowship, this was the largest field in the last five years. Anticipating limited participation due to the pandemic, all expectations were exceeded.

But this was far more than just a golf tournament. Support from sponsors, donors, and players allows the Chapel Men’s Fellowship to continue its ministries: building wheelchair ramps, repairing leaky roofs, rebuilding rotted bathroom floors, or helping people in Pickens and Dawson counties.

This single and only fund-raising event of the Chapel Men’s Fellowship allows the men to continue the Widows’ Assistance ministry for those needing help with minor maintenance around the house. The golf tournament provides funding for the Men to Men ministry with visits and assistance to disabled or recovering men in the community. The Men to Men ministry has worked diligently to maintain contact with men of the community during the pandemic isolation. The golf tournament will enable the resumption of the Healing Hearts ministry with visits and activities in nursing homes as soon as permitted.

We thank everyone who had any part in the tournament: the players, sponsors, and donors. You have enabled the good work of the Big Canoe Chapel Men’s Fellowship to continue for another year and we are most appreciative. Keep those golf clubs handy and we’ll do this again next year!

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