New “Single Family-Use” Dog Enclosure to Debut at Wildcat Dog Park on Jan. 1

When it comes to resources for furry family members to burn off excess energy, Big Canoe is blessed to have the Meadows Dog Park, the Diamond Dog Park and the Wildcat Dog Park.

However, even with designated areas for both small and large dogs at the parks, there are no options for unleashed dogs that are too old or small to socialize – or simply don’t do well with dogs not from their household.

The Big Canoe Dog Park Committee addressed the issue by unanimously recommending the conversion of the seldom-used small dog area at the Wildcat Dog Park into a “single family-use” dog enclosure. The idea behind calling the repurposed space a “single family-use” park is that dogs that are aggressive toward unfamiliar canines often get along with fellow four-legged family members. As a result, a group of dogs that live together are welcome to use the enclosure.

Only one dog party at a time can use the space, which will be limited to 30 minutes per party on a first-come, first-served basis.

The new area will give owners an alternative space for dogs that are:

too small to play with other dogs
elderly or disabled
not well-socialized or reactive toward unfamiliar canines
can only fraternize with dogs from their household

Usage of the new area will be limited to 30 minutes per party.

Diminutive doggies and their owners can continue to enjoy spaces already designated for them at the Meadows and Diamond dog parks, explains Sherry Evans, chair of the Dog Park Committee.

“Every dog, no matter the size or circumstance, should be able to enjoy the freedom of being out in an open park in Big Canoe,” says Evans. “We want to make sure that we are always ensuring the safety of every dog and every owner.”

Learn more about all of Big Canoe’s dog parks on the POA website.