Pass out the cigars, we’re grandparents!

By Alice Eachus
Photos by Marcia Captan

Eager and avid photographer and nature lover Marcia Captan claims Lake Petit as her second home. Marcia can often be seen meandering the twists and turns of the lake looking for interesting birds and wildlife.

Housekeeping, even in a nest, is an ongoing chore.

She’s never disappointed. 

Our long term resident pair of American Eagles set up a nursery every year; each spring eggs are laid and the waiting game begins. 

Lo and behold, March 24, give or take a couple days before, Marcia was rewarded when she captured a little action in the watched nest. 

Using a high powered lens, Marcia caught the proud mama protecting her young’uns. What a wonderful welcome to the world on a beautiful spring day. 

Although not hanging high, there’s an imaginary Do Not Disturb sign around Eagle Island. Shhh! We don’t want to wake the youngest members of our tribe. 

To see additional photos of the family as it grows, visit Big Canoe Birds and Butterflies Facebook page. While you’re there, check out all God’s creatures living in our lakes and mountains. Beautiful birds, animals, amphibians and butterflies welcome us to share their natural world. Aren’t we so very lucky!

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