Please don’t build or stack rock towers

Who doesn’t like to play a bit with nature? It’s good fun to collect leaves, acorns, twigs, stones and whatever is left for wanderers to discover, but sometimes playing with nature is a bad thing. 

Building or stacking rock towers in Big Canoe’s streams, or any body of water, can be harmful to the delicate ecosystems that water life depends on to live and thrive. Moving rocks can quickly alter life in a stream or river.

Some like to construct rock towers as a form or meditation. Others build a tower as an art form. But frankly, most build towers for a quick Instagram shot and then move on, totally unaware of the harm they’ve done. 

Aquatic plants and animals make their homes under and around rocks. When those rocks are disturbed, homes and nests are also disturbed and an animal or plant might die.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is. Whole colonies of two-foot long salamanders have been wiped out when their rock homes were displaced.

Be mindful of water life when you feel the urge to balance a pile of rocks. Instead take a trip to iHop and stack a pile of flapjacks or go home and get out your tub of Legos!

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