Potential board candidates seek insights on POA governance

By Bob Mackey

The Election Committee conducted an Information Meeting at the Wildcat Pavilion, Monday afternoon.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform property owners who are considering a run for our board of directors about changes being made to the campaign process.

The most significant development is that this year’s campaign for the board will not begin until October 1st. Previously, campaigning for the board and POA candidate assistance commenced on September 1st, almost three months before ballots are due.

This year’s campaign process will again focus on video recordings carried out by the POA. Recordings will include candidate bios, Q and A’s about current issues in Big Canoe and possibly a round table discussion amongst the candidates. All recordings will be posted to the POA website and homeowners can view them at their leisure.

Candidates will not be required attend and give presentations to a number of BC’s clubs and organizations as has been done in previous election cycles.

Attendees at Monday’s meeting included seven potential board candidates and several current members of our board. An excellent discussion and exchange occurred and helpful information shared. Directors in attendance discussed their roles, commitment, time spent leading Big Canoe and the fulfillment they derive from their time and efforts. Also highlighted was the continued use of ZOOM meetings so that residents who are still employed, or part time residents can attend meetings remotely, when necessary.

The election committee will schedule another Information Meeting, if needed. We invite all interested property owners to contact Bob Mackey at: bobmackey3@gmail.com, or Tim Moran at: tmoran@bigcanoepoa.org.

Filing for candidacy ends at the close of business, June 30th. Candidate packages can be picked up at the POA offices at the Canoe Lodge.

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