Preparing for the Worst: How to be Ready for an Emergency in Big Canoe

The Big Canoe POA has always made the safety of Property Owners its top priority – which is why the POA website includes links at the top and bottom of every page to a community map with designated emergency exits. Just click the “map” button, download it to your computer or mobile device, or print out a copy.

On the map are the locations of the two general-access entries – the Main Gate and the North Gate – along with the five emergency exits and two restricted-access gates. All nine exits are available in case of an emergency, and the two restricted-access gates can be activated remotely. Property Owners should familiarize themselves with the exit closest to their home. Stay up to date with the maps available on the Big Canoe website or with the printed version available from Public Safety staff at the Main and North gates.

Please note that the five emergency exits will be opened only by the Public Safety team. Property Owners should plan to use them only when directed by staff.

Public Safety will alert Property Owners via email and emergency text when warranted. To find out how you can sign up for the POA’s emergency texts, go here. In the most extreme instances, Public Safety staff will go door-to-door to alert Property Owners.

Also, you can sign up for real-time text updates on floods, fires, water emergencies, road closures, missing persons and evacuations for Pickens County via CodeRED or for Dawson County via Smart911.

Please note that if any part of the community requires evacuation, staff will direct Property Owners to use the Main and North gates when it’s a safe first option. The other seven gates will be at the Public Safety’s disposal on an as needed basis.

If you have any non-emergency questions about Public Safety in Big Canoe, write to