Red sauce or red gravy, your call

And so the ditty goes. Spaghetti and meatballs just scream Italian, especially to the 43 members of the stick-a-napkin-under-your-chin Italians of Big Canoe club.
The caprese crowd was going garlic strong until the pandemic hit but have high hopes to smother pasta in red sauce (some call it gravy) as soon as the all-clear sounds.
Even while masked and staying far apart, club members enjoy sharing old country family recipes and learning about local Italian shops that offer taste treats specific to areas of Italy where ancestors once roamed.
In case you’re looking for real Italian sausage with streaks of fennel, try Wilkes Meat Market now in Ball Ground or Hoboken Café in Marietta.
If you’ve got a bit of Florentine, Umbrian, Tuscan or any of the other hot-blooded Italian provinces flowing through your veins and want to connect with like-minded folks, contact Jo Bryan at or visit the Italians of Big Canoe Facebook page.
Alla prossima!

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