Reflections at 50: Independence Day

Big Canoe is no stranger to big celebrations, and the Fourth of July is certainly no exception. With parades, games, contests, cook-outs, spectacular firework shows and more, our community has worked hard to show off its patriotic pride for five decades. Take a look at the images below to see how these traditions have endured through the decades.

Also, keep an eye out for our 50th Anniversary tent at Playfield Park to see more photos of our past Independence Days. There, you can pick up as souvenirs and pre-order our 50th Anniversary Book, which is also available here.


Patriots on parade.It’s not too early to celebrate Christmas, is it?Patriotic biking is a tradition here in Big Canoe!High-five with Lady Liberty.The only way to properly cap off an Independence Day celebration. Photo by Mark Green.

For a glimpse at another Fourth of July tradition, check out our article on past Fourth of July Watermelon Eating contests here.

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