Renew Big Canoe Frequently Asked Question: The Clubhouse

Renew Big Canoe is a community-wide enhancement initiative that will touch so many aspects of our community, from the Postal Facility to the Canoe Lodge.

However, the piece of Renew Big Canoe that has sparked the most dialogue is the Clubhouse renovation. Like the Postal Facility proposal, the Clubhouse upgrade will be put to a Property Owner vote when ballots are mailed in late July.

While providing expanded opportunities for indoor/outdoor dining, the overall dining capacity of the Clubhouse will not increase. Additional staffing will not be necessary. If there is an increase in the number of patrons served, the uptick in revenue will support additional hiring.

On a side note, the Clubhouse continues to enjoy a record-breaking business. Revenue for the Clubhouse in June 2023 was $82,151 more than in June 2022. Year-to-date Clubhouse revenue is $260,905 more than 2022 – one of the highest years ever.

The Clubhouse renovation is being driven by Property Owners who in the 2021 T4 survey listed the facility as the second most important amenity or service (after the Postal and Trash facilities, in that order) in need of an upgrade. Enhancing the Property Owner experience while greatly improving operational workflow will be achieved by:

Increasing the size of the bar area
Connecting with the golf amenity and outdoor bar/dining area
Turning existing dining areas into four-season experiences with spectacular views
Expanding the meeting space for large groups, many of which need good acoustics but don’t require food service
Improving lines of sight for the hostess stand and optimizing workflow from the kitchen to the dining area.

Also, the improved layout will make the Clubhouse a more pleasing place to work.

Learn more about plans for the Clubhouse by watching the video of the June 24 presentation by architect J.C. Chi or by going to the Renew Big Canoe website.

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