Set sail with the Big Canoe Model Yacht Club

Got a bit of Dennis Conner racing through your veins? One of America’s foremost yachtsmen, Dennis knew how to ride and conquer the waves.

You can too!

There’s a model yacht club in Big Canoe that tames the waters of Lake Sconti and you’re invited to join the crew.

You might have a boat to sail or maybe you’re a landlubber who enjoys the flutter of colorful sails reflected on the water. Wherever you might fit, you’re invited to come to the dock at Canoe Lodge every Tuesday at 4 p.m. for open sailing. The fleet will start rounding the buoys on June 1.

COVID-19 kept sailors in port for over a year but now it’s time to meet King Neptune once again.

The Big Canoe Model Yacht Club (BCMYC) was founded in early 2019 to build and sail radio-controlled model boats. Within the first few months, the club grew to over 55 members of enthusiastic men and women within the Big Canoe community. There is currently a fleet of 18 T37 Racing Sloops in various stages of construction. The first sailboats were launched in May 2019.

BCMYC welcomes all types of radio-controlled electrically powered boats and sailboats. However, only the T37 Class RC sailboats may participate in official racing regatta events. Gas-powered boats are not permitted on Big Canoe lakes.

If you’re interested in sailing, building a sailboat, learning how to race a radio-controlled model yacht or just socializing with fun people, you’re invited to the first BCMYC meeting of the year 4 p.m. Thursday, June 3 in the Club Room at the Clubhouse at Lake Sconti.

For more information: Rich McLeod (770-815-2847) or Claude Dunlop (770-564-0830);

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