Six Things to Know About the POA Election

The 2021 POA election is entering the home stretch and completed ballots must be received by Mauldin & Jenkins Accounting no later than 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 1.

With the voting period closing in just eight days, here are the six things you need to know about the election.

Ballots must be received by 5 p.m. Wed., Dec. 1

1. Vote. Just vote. For any of the eight very worthwhile amendments to pass, two-thirds of all Property Owners must participate in the election. If you want to impact how the community functions, participate in the election.

2. $1,000. By mailing in your ballot, you are entering a drawing for $1,000. The winner – along with the election results – will be announced at the Big Canoe Annual Town Hall meeting at the Chapel at 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 4.

3. Vote “yes” on the first amendment to the By-Laws. If you vote in favor of anything, be sure to vote in favor of the “adoption of electronic and virtual meeting and voting procedures.” This can save the POA as much as $8,000 per election in combined postage, office supply and clerical costs. This also would allow eligible Property Owners the voluntarily “opt-in” to receive documents electronically, which is consistent with Georgia law. Voters who still want to receive paper ballots don’t have to do a thing if they want to keep getting their materials by U.S. Mail.

4. If you have not received a mailed ballot package and you are an eligible voter, request an alternate ballot package by writing to

5. If you are traveling and you want to receive a replacement ballot via email, put in your request to Details are available on Inside the Gates online by clicking the button in the lower left. This is not an electronic ballot. You must submit your signed documents by:
a. U.S. Mail: Mauldin & Jenkins, 200 Galleria Pkwy SE STE 1700, Atlanta, GA 30339-9545
b. Email:
c. Fax: (770) 980-4489

6. Have your say in Big Canoe’s future. Casting votes for two of the three POA Board candidates (Elton Gogolin, Tim Moran or Jill Philmon) is one of the most consequential actions you can take to help shape Big Canoe. Learn more about each aspiring Board member by following the link to access the election page on the POA website.

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