Still Young at Heart ladies have giving hearts

Information submitted by Sherry Evans

The crazy parties the 500+ card carrying gals of of Still Young at Heart (SYAH) may be on hold, although there’s still hope for their annual Halloween bash, but that doesn’t mean this posse of partiers aren’t getting together – socially distanced, of course.

Helping surrounding communities has always been a purpose the ladies embrace enthusiastically like the Energizer Bunny. When school started and teachers were faced with a new set of problems and guidelines as kids marched to the school bell peal, SYAH decided teachers needed a break, right from the start.

Soon plans were made to bundle bins of treats, soft drinks, healthy snacks, school supplies and more to put in the teachers’ lounges to show these hardworking academics how much they are appreciated. Since schools are staffed with more than teachers, the treat bin was expanded to include bus drivers, custodians, librarians, nurses, support staff and anybody and everybody else involved in helping our kids get educated.

The call went out to the membership for treat donations or for funds supporting a trip to Costco to buy carts filled with goodies. Two schools were selected to be “binned,” Robinson Elementary in Dawson County and Tate Elementary in Pickens County.

On September 3, the “Commissioners” of SYAH opened their hatchbacks and loaded a hefty haul of goodies. Not only that, but over $300 was collected for that massive Costco shopping trip. The treats will be delivered soon and may be an ongoing effort, stay tuned. Three cheers for the ladies of SYAH and their generous giving spirit.

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