Talkin’ Trash, as Gretchen says

Information submitted by Jacob VanSant

Have our new Trash Facility gates saluted you yet? You’ll get a snappy salute both coming and going. Not only that, but you’d better smile pretty when heaving bags down the chute, cameras will catch your happy grin. No, it’s not Big Brother, but a good safety measure put in place.

The new trash entry/exit system seems to be working well. Of course, there’s always a learning curve, even for gates. Please be patient if you encounter a slow response.
Just a reminder…building supplies such as wood don’t go in the recycling chute. They should be saved for disposal at Bulk Trash Day.

The next day for bulk trash disposal is the last Saturday of April. Mark that down.

When your dirty job is done and your trash is down the chute, remember to push the green button to start the compactor chomping your sacrifice to the Garbage God. That button works magic to keep trash flowing and the chutes running free.

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