Thank you from the Golf Maintenance team

By Lydell Mack

Here’s to a very successful election and a wonderful outcome! Of course, I’m referring to the vote on the Creek renovation work. The whole Golf Maintenance team is excited to have been granted permission to work with a professional firm to achieve much-needed improvements to Big Canoe’s golf amenity.  

We have not yet signed on with a contractor as we are still ironing out details to get the candidates’ best final offer. Some of those details involve tasks Golf Maintenance can help with to prepare the site before the contractor mobilizes, much like we did to help with the driving range project in 2016.

There still remains plenty of work to do before the bulk of the project begins next spring (engineering, permitting, and site set-up), but our in-house team will help in other ways as well.  

We will help with bunker demolition to expedite work for the contractor and allow us to use the old sand for topdressing fairways. By helping remove some trees ahead of time we will gain free mulch to use as a ground cover in other areas on the course.  

We will also be involved in harvesting the old sprinkler heads and irrigation parts which will be held in inventory as spares for the 18 holes which are not getting upgrades at this time. All in all, I believe we can save the POA at least $50,000 by making these adjustments, and maybe even more as the project progresses.  

I have to send a big thank you to the volunteers who served on the Creek 9 Initiative Committee and did such an amazing job getting the word out to property owners about the proposal details. There are too many individuals to list but they know who they are and should feel extremely proud of doing a great service to our community.

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