Tim Moran claims double honors at the Player’s Tourney

Information submitted by Carl Bauman

Every week you can find groups of golfers on our courses; some guys have been hanging together for years, through good golf games and some very, very bad loser links. Some golfers got better with their swings while others may have gotten better with stories told at the 19th Hole. 

Whatever their game, one thing is always there, week after week – good times, buckets of laughs and good natured ribbing. 

One of the weekly groups is called The Player’s. It was formed in the late ‘80s by Jack Sweeny who aptly called his golfers, The Sweeney Group. The initial handicap requirement was guys had to play with an 18 handicap or less.

The early group stayed together and eventually took the name, “The Indian Tribe.” Notable names of the initial group: Jack Sweeney, Troy Ledbetter, Nick Martin, Tony Pistorio, Ron Young and Chuck Phillips. It’s interesting to note Ron Young and Chuck Phillips continue to play regularly with the Player’s at Big Canoe.

Subsequent organizers of the Player’s were Tom Faucette, Ed Tomblin and Ron Young. Current organizers are Duncan Knapp, Weldon Wintter and Carl Bauman.

Through the ‘90s and early 2000s the group played Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but Sunday play was dropped. After all, wives can only be so tolerant.

The Friday game has always been a team game, primarily a Skin’s Game. Saturday’s play is individual golf with modified Stableford scoring points.

Once a year the Player’s hold the Player’s Championship, typically played the week before the Big Canoe Club Championship. 

This year, Tim Moran, a long time member of the Player’s, won the 2020 Player’s Championship with 40 Player’s participating. Tim finished first, defeating four other flight winners in a play-off. Congratulations, Tim, on a game well played.

The Player’s golf group is open and welcomes all guys to join this Big Canoe men’s golf membership. There are currently around 90 Player’s on the roster.

2020 Player’s Championship
Results and Champion
Overall Shoot-Out Winner and 2020 Player’s Champion: Tim Moran

  • Flight 1: 1st Rob Szuba; Tie 2nd Will Temple and Bill Smith; Tie 4th Scott Abner and Bill Brown
  • Flight 2: 1st Charles Hankey; Tie 2nd Mike Tiller and John Hansen; 4th Robby Yarbrough; Tie 5th Allen Bates and Jim Silavent
  • Flight 3: 1st Tim Moran; Tie 2nd Mitch Smith and Steve Elder; 4th Carl Bauman; 5th Jim Wait
  • Flight 4: 1st Tim Towle; 2nd Tom Temple; 3rd Ted Schlette; 4th Robbie Robison; 5th Eely Jackson
  • Flight 5: 1st Ed Tomblin; 2nd Ray Shoup; Tie 3rd Chuck Phillips and Ted Cooper; Tie 5th Duncan Knapp and Kent Flanagan

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