Tropical fish are peacefully mesmerizing

By Alice Eachus

Gene Pennington is looking for tropical fish lovers, particularly those who have an attraction for saltwater reef aquariums. Gene started this hobby in 1996 after serving five years in the Air Force. He had no idea what reef aquariums were but, as a military guy, simply soldiered on. After a bit, his interest lagged and Gene took a break from fish in a tank for a few years until he moved to Georgia and realized he missed watching those colorful finny creatures.
Over the years, he’s owned and maintained several tank sizes, from 20 gallons all the way to a gargantuan 180-gallon fish habitat.
After moving to Big Canoe and trying golf as a substitute hobby, Gene found he missed watching fish explore their watery home and started filling tanks again. He’s in the process of building a nano reef aquarium and hopes to connect with fellow aquarium enthusiasts in Big Canoe.
If you’re a tropical fish hobbyist, shoot Gene an email at and start swimming together.

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