Uh oh, did you get a violation notice?

By Treena Parish

In order to maintain the essence of the Big Canoe community, there are rules and regulations that must be enforced. Sometimes there’s a need to remind owners of a rule or a standard that may have been overlooked. 

When a violation is noticed, an informal letter making the owner aware of the problem is sent. At the end of each month, site inspections are done to ensure owners have corrected the discrepancy. 

If the problem has not been corrected, a certified letter is sent explaining the violation and the fining process. Usually, this is when the Architectural and Environmental Control Department (AECD) receives a call from the owner. 

It is understood sometimes extenuating circumstances require longer periods of time to correct a violation. For example, a E911 number displayed incorrectly is obviously much easier to correct than repainting a house when the wrong color was used. However, there is a process to follow regardless of verbal communications from owners.  

While the ability exists to grant short extensions, a speedy resolution by the owner is still required. Sometimes time lines are given by the owner due to contractual issues. The department expects the violation to be corrected by this agreed upon date so the fining process will not be implemented.

The point is, some violations seem to be of a continuing nature unnecessarily. This takes up a good deal of time doing re-inspections and follow up paperwork. It is also unfair to neighbors. Most property owners in Big Canoe follow the rules and expect others to do the same.  

Rental properties

I have been asked recently to clarify the rules regarding rental properties as it pertains to Architectural Control. Rules and Regulations A.14 detail the basic requirements for using your property as a rental.  

In Big Canoe we have 2,763 total homes, 240 of those are registered as rental properties. The process for rental registering is very simple. 

 The owner/rental company completes a form and submits it with the fee to Treena Parish at AECD. I make sure the information is logged and passed to Public Safety. The owner has the option of either short term (30 days or less) or long term (31 days or more) rentals. Long term leases are required to submit a copy of the lease agreement. 

Owners are responsible for the actions of their guests and renters. This is important to remember.

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