Update on the Wellness Center

Information submitted by Steve Panetta

The Wellness Center continues to accommodate exercisers. Ten people at a time are allowed on the exercise floor, a face-covering continues to be required during workouts. A “Mask Free” zone has been set up utilizing the racquetball court with five pieces of cardiovascular equipment. The pieces have been set 12 feet apart.

Some group exercise classes are back live in the aerobic studio; again, a face covering is required. Some classes are being held outdoors and some remain online. Check with the Wellness Center at (706) 268-3441 to learn where your favorite class is being offered.

Massage therapy is back as well as physical therapy. The indoor pool is offering group exercise classes as well as four lanes open for swimmers. A face covering is required as you check-in at the front desk but may be removed once the natatorium is entered.

Both the pool and exercise area are by reservation only and time slots may be booked the day of or made for the next day. Sessions are booked on the hour for 45 minutes. If there is availability after your scheduled session, you are invited to stay for the next one. Unfortunately, personal training, whirlpool, sauna, and showers have not reopened yet. 

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