Watch LIVE Worship Services on your screen!

Live worship has returned to the Chapel … 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM Sunday morning. We hope you can join us.  But if you can’t be in the Chapel, you can still worship with us LIVE on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or smart TV.  Every Sunday, the 10:30 AM worship service can be seen live on your screen.

How do I find it on my device?
After about 10:15 AM on Sunday morning, on your smart device, go to the webpage, There you’ll find a play arrow.  Just click it!

What if the picture does not fill my screen? 
No problem.  Just press the “F” key on your PC or Mac to make the image “full  screen.”

Will I really see the service LIVE?
YES, if you log in before 10:30 AM, it will be live.
If you log in after 10:30 AM, you will see a recording of the entire service starting at it’s beginning.

If I can’t watch on Sunday, how long do I have to watch the recording later?
The arrow link on will allow you to see the Sunday service until the end of the next week. At that time, the arrow link will be changed to the NEXT WEEK’S service.  Just check the date at the top of the page to know for sure which service you’ll see.

But what if I want to watch a service that is more than a week old?
You can find all available recordings of previous services (including bulletins) at  There is also a link to this archive on the page.

Got more questions, or need some help?
Just send an email to  and someone will contact you.

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