What to know about approving guest entry into Big Canoe

Ernest Hensley

Access Control Supervisor

Do you prefer to authorize your guest for entry by calling Big Canoe Dispatch at 706-268-3376? If so, have you specified on your property a verbal confirmation code used to verify your identity when calling on the telephone?

Many today are searching for ways to circumvent security measures. A phone call from an unknown person without a verbal confirmation code requires Public Safety staff to attempt to verify the caller’s identity via phone numbers, email addresses, etc., which is information that’s now relatively easy to find or to buy.

A verbal confirmation code is an additional knowledge factor—a type of authentication credential made up of information possessed by a user—that differs from a website password. It’s all easy to say over the phone, which is very important, and is more secure than a searchable piece of information such as date of birth or your mother’s maiden name.

A Property Owner can enter a verbal confirmation code via computer or by telephoning Big Canoe Dispatch at 706-268-3376. A long-term tenant with a lease can telephone in guests but should specify a verbal confirmation code. Short-term rentals cannot authorize guest entry.

However, it is more efficient and accurate for property owners to use their desktop computer or dwellingLIVE mobile phone app to personally enter a guest name with the arrival date. Property owners may register for dwellingLIVE by emailing maingate@bigcanoepoa.org. Both the iOS and Android versions of the app are available to download for free in the Apple Store or via Google Play.

An ongoing major issue for Public Safety is the failure of property owners to authorize guest entry before their guest arrives at the gates. The gate staff is trained to deny entry when the guest’s name is not listed in the dwellingLIVE system.

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