What’s Happening at the Big Canoe Dog Parks This Spring

By Sherry R. Evans

Dog Park Committee Chair

It’s springtime and we’re sprucing up the Dog Parks for your enjoyment! And yes, we need your help!

Among the projects taking place in the parks:

Fertilizing by POA maintenance – completed in early April
Grass seeding  – Ongoing, weather-dependent work by POA Maintenance. Each dog park will close for at least a week for the grass to fully germinate. Signs posted and communications on our Facebook page, Big Canoe Dog Park Social Club.
Crushed Stone – Crushed stone to be added around faucet areas and other park-specific areas in May.
Commercial-grade water hose attachments and new faucets to be added.
Faucet pressure adjusted as needed.

Where Volunteers Are Needed:

Big Canoe POA provides most of the crushed stone materials. However, the Dog Park Committee must supply the muscle and people power. If you are willing to help us with stone spreading and other small maintenance items, please contact Duncan Knapp at dknapp1062@aol.com and provide your contact information.
The Big Canoe Dog Park Committee hosts social events throughout the year, including our very popular Fourth of July patriotic dog parade, Halloween Bark or Treat Howloween Party, and the newly added  SplishSplish Party – along with a dinner outing at a dog-friendly restaurant. If you are interested in volunteering to help coordinate social events, please contact Sherry Evans at srevans284@gmail.com.

Friendly Reminder:  It’s everyone’s job to bag your own dog’s poop! No one wants to step in dog poop at one of our Dog Parks.

Additional Ongoing Projects at Specific Dog Parks:

Meadows Dog Park – Maintenance on to dog gate

Wildcat Dog Parks – The small dog park will have crushed stone added between the faucet area and the tennis-ball holder; large dog part with have maintenance on the entrance gate and the additional gravel distributed.

Diamond Dog Parks – The small dog park will get a crushed-stone refresh in the table area; and the large park will have 1) a drain installed in the water faucet area to minimize the accumulation of water 2) a crushed-stone refresh at park entrance to this park and along the fence in front of the dugout and 3) the relocation of chairs on the fence line to the shadier right-field area. Chairs will remain in the dugout area.

The Dog Park Committee includes:

Chairman – Sherry Evans

Maintenance Big Canoe – Lydell Mack and Mathew Parks

Maintenance – Duncan Knapp

BCAR Representative – Tom Attaway

Finance – Sandy Pullara

At Large – Tracy French.

At Large – Rob Bryan


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