Who heats up the courts? Clayton Burns, that’s who

Article and photo by Linda Powell

Clayton Burns has been a tennis member at Big Canoe since 1986 when he and his beautiful bride Lynn purchased their first home here. Clayton has a passion for tennis that is unmatched. He’s one of the most encouraging players ever seen on the courts in Big Canoe. He plays tennis with many and varied players, is always upbeat and is a “glass full” kind of guy.   

Over the years, Clayton has seen many changes at the Racquet Club and inside the gates of Big Canoe. His best friend and hitting partner Joe Dodd was one of the first to call Big Canoe home. The guys would spend hours on the courts hitting and socializing as well as spending time together on the golf course.  

Clayton plays tennis with all ages, from 19-year-olds up to 89-year-olds.   

He has always supported the tennis program and worked to build it by assisting staff any way he can. You might see Clayton, 80 years young, on the golf course or at the Wellness Center as he is extremely active and enjoys all the amenities in Big Canoe.

Clayton, we are honored to have you as a Racquet Club member and look forward to many more years of fun batting the ball.

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