Winter is Coming: How to Best Prepare Your Water Line for the Cold Weather

By Big Canoe Public Safety

As Jack Frost has made his presence felt with the recent icier temperatures, now is a great time to refresh your winter preparedness checklist in case we’re hit with any power outages or impassable roads.

In addition to keeping food, water, and prescription medicines in full supply, checking your home’s mainline water valve function is a good idea. December 2022 saw record-low temperatures in Georgia, which caused many water lines to freeze and break in our area. Not only was the property damage significant, but the hassle and time-consuming delays involved with the insurance claims process were another headache.

Here are two simple tips for avoiding such scenarios:

Turn your main water supply line off if you plan on being away from home for an extended period. Even if the weather is warm when you leave, we may encounter damaging cold before you return. If you don’t know where your main valve is located, a service call from a plumber or the utility provider will help you find it and test it.
Have a plumber install a water leak and automatic shut-off valve on your home. With this addition to your system, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off your mainline and any damage will be minimal if your pipes spring a leak behind a wall or in someplace hidden from view.

As always, if you have questions about your water service, contact Utilities Inc. of Georgia, the water utility that services Big Canoe, at 706-268-3400 or email