Yoga is the Gift That Keeps Giving

The Beginners Yoga series focuses on foundational techniques for a safe and fulfilling yoga practice.

Transformational practices, like yoga, enhance our sense of clarity, calm, centeredness, integrity and connectedness, allowing us to perceive and receive life changes, large and small, local and global, in a more open-hearted, equal-minded and resourceful way.

Change, it is said, is the only guarantee we have in life.  Whether we’re relating to ourselves or to others, regular yoga practice cultivates an organic inner resilience and faith and provides a touchstone in the midst of the change and uncertainty that accompanies all aspects of life.

What if the momentum of a flourishing planet grows one thriving individual at a time? We can’t stop the waves but we can learn to surf. Yoga teaches us to be the peace we want to experience in the world.

The cost for a ten-week series is $100 per participant or a discount for attending both Mondays and Wednesdays of $175, or $15.00 for each drop-in session. Registration is required and the series is open to non-members of the Wellness Center and can be prorated for late registration.

Elizabeth Devereux’s work is a vibrant, transformative fusion of tools and processes for greater health, joy and possibility. She is well-known for her open-heartedness and keen ability to distill, synthesize and communicate ancient wisdoms and modern consciousness paradigms in a fun, relatable, effective way. Find out more at


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